Freeze Wants Charly Boy To Give Marriage Counselling To Two Popular Nigerian Pastors


Radio presenter, Daddy Freeze is not one to shy away from expressing his opinion and in a recent post on Instagram, he revealed a shocking truth.

He mentioned the fact that even with being controversial brands, veteran musician Charly Boy and singer Maheeda have been more successful in their respective marriages than Pastors Chris Oyakilome and Chris Okotie.

In his Instagram post he asked the following questions:

1. Since Maheeda and Charlie boy succeeded at marriage while these pastors failed, it's better to get counseling from them than the pastors?

2. Is there something they know that the pastors don't?

3. Do the pastors themselves need to be counseled by these couples?

4. Are we getting the whole concept of marriage wrong?

5. Does everyone really have someone made for them?

6. Is cooking as important as one pastor claimed?
7. Did the pastors not hear from God before they married their former spouses, or did they hear wrong? You know '56' sounds very much like '66' but they are 2 different numbers.

8. Is sexuality more important than we are made to believe?

9. Should more women try to emulate Lady Di and Maheeda so their marriages can last?

10. Are you in the wrong relationship or marriage?