Chairman of Baby Factory’

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Laughter Foundation Ministry is based in Lagos, with branches in more than 13 states of the federation including Abuja, the nation's capital. The ministry has, no doubt, brought joys into many homes since it came into being nine years back. With the level of successes so far achieved by the General Overseer of the ministry, Pastor Gbenga Osho, having been able to save many homes of the agony of childlessness, the church of God is now nicknamed 'Baby Factory'.

“Bringing joys into the homes of those who are troubled, by way of praying against childlessness, is our major preoccupation and God has been doing wonders through prayers and fasting”, the man of God disclosed while chatting with Glitter's ChitChat recently.

At the church's newly acquired expansive building at Oregun, Lagos, the amiable Pastor Osho took time to articulate on his mission, the state of the nation and how the world could be a better place for every believer. Speaking on how he received the divine instructions as an itinerant lamb, he revealed to us that he wouldn't mistake the voice of God for any other thing, having got the privilege to identify divine voice from experience.“I have learnt to obey God, although I was a bit skeptical initially. But because I have always worshipped Him, in spite of the fact that I was not yet in full service, I knew it was God's voice.” The man of God told us about the three special areas that his ministry is specialized on.

These areas are for those expecting babies, the singles that are looking the face of God for lasting relationships and those suffering other natural causes. “We deal specially with these three cases, using the power of prayer. I am one man that has an unshaken belief in the efficacy of prayer. God is wisdom, so I expect things to fall into normal place by reaching Him through the influence of prayer. We have to realise that no amount of orthodox solution can deal with problems created by the Devil. In our church, we employ tested hands who are professionals in medical, for the reason of dealing with problems that are of physical, while problems that need spiritual attention are handled with prayers and fasting.”

The pastor gave a vivid instance of a US. based society woman “who was saved of a long time scourge of barrenness, and a large amount of money that would have gone to the wind without helping her situation. The woman had been asked to pay $40,000, to be operated upon in the U.S. for what was termed Egg Donation. To achieve this, another woman whose egg is fertile would have it mixed with the socialite's husband. She was very ready to oblige, but got her healing while waiting for the egg donor. A friend talked to her about us and she received her healing, with a set of twins,”

The coming of Laughter Foundation Ministry, the man of God divulged, was a good omen as, he said, there was so much trouble in the land, ranging from grave worries in the families, and the general economic problems. It seemed there were no limitations to the problems in the society prior to the institution of our ministry, but things have really changed from worse to good, because God has through His special grace, brought smiles into homes. People also invite us outside our church for special services.

We asked about the place of women in the ministry and the Pastor was like waiting for it to happen; we are not different from the other churches of God. When we say this the ministry where babies are manufactured by God, then it must be women on top the list. There are special programmes for women, like Pregnant Women Conference, where professional medical doctors give advice and counsel them. Then we would take over the spiritual aspect.

Has the man of God now found a lasting solution to barrenness since he is the 'Chairman of Baby Factory'? Pastor Osho said “the lasting solution to every problem was there for all that have a firm belief in the ability of God to save man.

'People contact problems through dreams mostly, the one which is the worst case, but only supernatural solution can be applied to spiritual problems,' concluded the man of God who was recently honoured.