It appears the recognition being given to actress Patience Uzokwu is getting into her head.

Showbiz Imo source revealed that the screen goddess despite her late arrival to an occasion where she was invited recently at Orlu, Imo State expected a welcome mat as a notable figure. She was ignored on her arrival in one of her latest jeeps and in company of another unpopular showbiz star. Her next action would remind you of her popular roles in movies, she simply refused to alight from her jeep.

Showbiz learnt further that Her Excellency, wife of the governor of Imo State, Chief (Mrs) Theresa Udenwa who was watching from her high table could not even believe herself on the act put up by Patience.

However, it took the intervention of highly placed woman at the occasion to appeal to this angry actress. Inside source said the woman even went to the extent of kneeling down before her before she could come out from her car. As if that was not enough, we were told that journalists who approached her calmly for a greeting got the embarrassment of their lives when they were shouted on by the actress.

The occasion we gathered was in honour of Ugoeze's (wife of traditional ruler) in Imo State and merit award of which she was a recipient.