Daddy Showkey, like an animal on stage as Enugu fails the ‘Galala’ test


By Ayo Onikoyi
They say you can take the boy out of the city but not the city out of the boy. Describe Daddy Showkey by any adjective but one thing has always held true for the Ajegunle boy, he’s a showman who knows where the pulses of his audience are and he goes in with the spatula to ignite the reflexes he wants from them.

It was almost a routine day, with good music, hilarious jokes on Saturday in Enugu at the GoTV Customer Fair  but yet the temperament was just as any ordinary market day as far as good shows go. But when the Ajegunle boy brought out the jungle fever on stage everyone could not help but got hyperactive and high on temperature.

When Daddy Showkey is on stage, is so much like watching an animal that got a dose higher than it required to be just an animal. You wouldn’t have those songs that would make you long for a girl, or get you to a philosophical depth of life and reasoning, or get your head up in the clouds. He’s just a showman that will charge the atmosphere, set the hall on fire and make people generally get out of turn. *Showkey

With his old single Fire, Fire, the Ejoor exponent practically bullied everyone who must have been sitting too long on their asses on their feet. At a point, running into the crowd, like he was being propelled from a gun, he forced everyone on their feet, not one single person was sitting, such is the power of this showman who sees the stage as his stool and everyone around, his subjects. With his Area Boy, bullish strong vocal, always barking, not without some guile about it though, you never know if people have obeyed him out of love or out of fear.

That funfilled day in Enugu belonged to him and he revelled in it until he got his own dose of shock. He asked people in the crowd  who could dance Galala to come out and showcase their talents and from a capacity filled hall, only about six people volunteered to show him how. Though his disappointed hung in the air, but the aftermath was more than he could take. Out of the six volunteers not a single person could pull off a decent Galala dance step. “So, Enugu, you cannot dance Galala” he thundered in his usual manner. What he lost in Galala in won in his evergreen songs as people could sing along with him ,every single one of his old songs, with energy and candour.

Knocking 50, Showkey, isn’t as young as he used to be. He was not in best shape either but the energy in him could still have lit half of the city with electricity. He may now be pot-bellied, with flabs of fat peeping out from his waist but the showman is still very much alive.