If not that God was on our side, what would Israel (i.e. Nigerians) be saying by now? High-life and Hip-hop music sensation, Paul I.K. Dairo narrowly escaped death a few hours to the New Year.

Dare devil, heavily armed and murderous robbers who were raiding at Maryland junction attacked the ace producer who released his first full R & B album “Hitsville” a few weeks back.

Paul who was contracted to perform at Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) watch night services was accompanied by his wife and children when the robbers shot the man driving ahead of him. On sighting the bloody situation, Paul's wife fled the car carrying her children. Just then the two hefty men dressed in camouflage, armed with shot guns forced Paul's BMW jeep (X5) open with a gun placed at his temple and another at his side, they said “before we kill you, where is the money …”! Paul just kept on saying, “I'm Paul I.K. Dairo.” The robbers responded “we know you, just give us the money” in a jiffy Paul threw the bundle of cash meant to pay his band boys to them.

Having got the booty, the robbers left in annoyance only to shoot the banker driving immediately behind Paul. Paul's wife and children only resurfaced from their hiding place some hours later.
A thanksgiving service is being planned to praise God for the great escape