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The Etisalat Group has been named the 'International Leader in Telecommunications Sector – Asia & Africa,' by the judging committee of the Middle East Business Leaders Summit.

This recognition, according to a statement by the company on Friday, honoured Etisalat's excellence at acquiring and developing international operations across 18 markets especially for the improvement it had brought to the economies of the markets.

Also cited for the award were the many initiatives Etisalat was involved in to provide value added services and solutions such as Internet telephony, cable TV and mobile broadband in its 18 markets, thus enabling new technologies and advanced networks to reach over two billion people in Asia and Africa.

The company said in the UAE, it had deployed a fifth network. The jury of the Middle East Business Leaders Summit described this network as a quantum leap in the infrastructure of the telecommunications sector, making Abu Dhabi the first fully covered capital city with fiber optics services world wide.

The leading telecommunication giant also received recognition for leadership in social responsibility.

'This recognition adds to the company's profile in being an innovator and in providing developed technology solutions and services in the UAE and its other markets,' Senior Vice- President, Corporate Communications, Etisalat, Mr. Ahmed Bin Ali, said.

In his response to the latest achievement, Etisalat Nigeria's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Steven Evans, said that the latest feat was an evidence of Etisalat's world-class service delivery in all the countries where it had operations.

According to him, 'This recognition further confirms what Etisalat represents in all the countries where we operate. As a global brand, the quality of our services stands out. This honour will further ensure that we continue to surpass our subscribers' expectations in terms of world-class products offering and service delivery.'