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It’s chest Cancer Awareness Month, Here Are 10 Mind blowing b00b Facts

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Because it's chest cancer awareness month, and no woman should ever h ave to go through such a horrifying experience, we decided to celebrate b**bs and share some awesome facts about them.

Ladies, remember to do your chest self-examination often and visit the doctor if you notice anything unusual.

1. Getting your br**sts massaged may help prevent cancer by stimulating normal cell growth and reproduction.

Your partner might actually be saving your life by squeezing your br**sts…..i mean if you are married before someone quotes me

2. There are eight different types of bosoms.
All bosom types are perfectly normal and healthy.
3. Men have bosoms because all fetuses start out as female.

4. No two br**sts are equal, and statistically, the left chest is usually bigger.

Don't freak out if you notice that one b00b is slightly larger than the other.

5. Your b**bs change sizes throughout your life.
One of the good things about getting periods is that the b**bs increase slightly, and look fuller.

6. Men can breastfeed too!
7. All br**sts are going to sag.
8. The largest bra size is an L, and the smallest is an AAA.

9. More than four million bras are produced every day.

10. Annie Hawkins-Turner has the world's largest natural br**sts on record.

Her br**sts measure 70 inches around, 43 inches under, and her bra size would technically be 48V if they made that size.

Who knew that b**bs were so awesome? Remember to take care of your lovely boobies ladies.

source; omgvoice

If you want to make the worst the best, make the worst your best.
By: Augustine Akwasi Nim