Kids Set Agenda On Good Governance In 7th Episode Of KSDT

By Uche Peter

Lagos Nigeria, October 9, 2016: The seventh episode of the Etisalat-sponsored popular family television show, ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ was a scintillating pitch at the weekend as kids bared their minds on what they would have done differently to ensure good governance in Nigeria if they were the President of the country.

Away from the normal kids talk, the kids entertained the audience with their impressive knowledge of Nigerian history and political affairs during the episode dedicated to the commemoration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary. Amusing and frank, they discussed the Nigerian politics with unlikely passion indicating interest to serve in public offices purposely to set the standards for good leadership if they eventually get appointed or elected into public offices.

Bire, the 10-year-old aspiring politician who starred on the ‘Stand Out Kid segment of KIDSSAY, said she wants to be the first Nigeria’s female governor to prove to Nigerians that female citizens can also lead the country.

When asked by the show host, Tony Okungbowa, what she would do differently if she were the president, Bire said she would ensure improved security and electricity supply saying availability of electricity makes people more comfortable. To accomplish this, she intends to speak with the power companies to supply electricity especially in the afternoon and night when the heat is always at its peak. She also admonished Nigerians to be friendly, show love and avoid being judgmental in order to move the nation forward.

Kids on Ask the Experts, the second segment of the unscripted children show, also discussed qualities a president of a nation should possess which they indicated as humility, intelligence and patience. The host further asked the panelists of three girls and a boy what they would say to President Muhammadu Buhari if they were to meet him, and they said they would tell him to ensure constant availability and affordability of fuel for Nigerians.

The last segment of the show featured the trio of nine-year-old boy, Tobi; Morinola, 10 and Esther, 11. The host asked them, ‘where is Nigeria located?’ to which Tobi responded, ‘Africa’ while Esther said Nigeria is located in West Africa. Morinola on her part said Nigeria derived her name from Niger and area.

To see more exciting moments from yet another KSDT episode, viewers should tune in to NTA Network on Saturday, 9 am; STV on Saturday, 9.30 am and Africa Magic Family Channel 154 on DSTV on Sunday, 4 pm and 5pm on Wednesdays. Others are WAPTV, Saturday, 9.30 am; OGTV, Saturday, 5.30pm; PRTV Saturday, 7.30 pm; ABS Saturday, 5.30 pm and Royal Roots TV, Saturday, 9 am and 4 pm on Sundays.