I Catch My Fun Both Ways - Segun Arinze

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Music filled the air as we walked into the studio. Seated was the famous 'Black Arrow' star, Segun Arinze working along side Producer and Director, Kingsley Ogoro, aka “Sir K”. For Segun Arinze, the love of music is the beginning of wisdom.

Actor, singer, writer, producer, director and a talk show host, Segun, who celebrated his 40th birthday on the 24th of last month, says he still feels young, since life begins at forty. According to him, “most of the things that I aspire to achieve I'm still working on them and I'm almost there”.

Segun Arinze doesn't have any favourite hangouts, as he says he doesn't like to hang out as such. He'll rather go out for dinner, most times with male friends, and when in the mood, maybe one or two female friends.

He also loves Chinese food, preferably at Ocean View, loves chilling out at Mega Plaza, and going to see a movie at the Silverbird Galleria.

A simple and easy going Segun Arinze just also celebrated his 20 years in the entertainment industry. He says the celebration is still on. In the interview below, Segun talks about his careers, women and his upcoming album.

How was your acting talent discovered?
In my secondary school days, a friend, Ayo, who now works with Silverbird television, introduced me to acting. That was way back in Ilorin, in the early eighties. We started with a play house called Pam players. And ever since then I've not looked back.

From music to acting, back to music, how is that?

Do you write your music?
Some of the songs I write, some I have people write them for me.

What inspires you when you write your music?
I am what you call a socio-political animal but in most of my songs, I don't reflect my political being. I talk more about emotions and general things that happen around me, my environment. I am very conscious of my environment

What is your new Album all about?
The album is called 'In the mood'. In a couple of weeks, the single would be out. It's going to be a three-track album. After six to ten weeks, the full album will be out. But what you are going to hear in a couple of weeks is the single from the forthcoming album.

Some songs in the single Album
There is “The power to say no”, which features Tuface and Sunny Neji. “My dream comes true” which is a song I did in my first album with 'premier music' way back in 1992. It's a remake, with Stella Damasus-Aboderin featuring in it. I have “wanyi gangan”, then a remix of Celestine Okoro's “Owuha”, which is for the matured mind, and predominately for the eastern market. And the rest of the tracts, I sang alone.

How do you combine the movie and music industry?
It's what almost everyone does. Most talented people do it. You have Will Smith acting and singing, you have J-lo (Jennifer Lopez), and so many others. I combine the two effectively.

Which do you find easier?
Both are interesting. You catch your fun both ways. We have challenges in music. Same way we have in acting, same way in hosting a talk show, same way in writing and even producing and directing.

It depends on which things you can handle. For me, I have my strength in both.

If you weren't into acting and music what other profession would you have been into?
A naval officer. Why? Because I love the navy.

Looking forward to any award at the Afro-Nollywood Award coming up on the 29th in London?
I received last year. (Laughs) I'm not looking forward to another one….

Which award did you receive last year?
They don't give you for a particular movie. They give you for your contribution towards the movie industry. I'm looking forward to going there this year to watch other people receive.

What is your daily schedule like?
I have a very tight schedule. Sometimes I wake up as early as 6.00am, and sometimes as late as 10am. The good thing about this kind of business is that you are in control of your time.

How do you cope with your fans, most especially your female fans?
I've been asked that over and over again. But really, the worst thing you can do as a public figure is to mistake the likeness of a female fan for love and want to take advantage of that. You will just be fooling yourself. You should know that this is a fan, she likes my work and just leave it at that. In my own case, it's even worse because it's not just the female fans but the males and children as well, the old and young.

Luckily for me, with time I've been able to cut across boards. So I control them very well.

Talking about women, any plans of remarrying soon?
When the time comes I'll let everyone know.

Which are your happiest moments?
Everyday is a happy day; I take it the way it comes. I thank God for everyday.

Role Model
I don't have role models; I look at people and admire them. I like their style, the way they do their things.

Favourite American actor
They are many. I love Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Denzel Washington, Cuba Goody Junior and to cap it all, John Travolta.

What's your most priced possession?

If not busy, how do you relax?
I sleep.