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Meet Kasi, The June 12 Girl Set To Rock The World!


As Nigerians lined up on that historic day, June 12, 1993, to vote for Moshood Abiola to become the President of Africa’s most populous nation, in what is regarded as the country’s freest and fairest elections ever, a child of destiny was born.

That child of destiny has grown up with unmatched talent, never-say-die spirit and incomparable determination to conquer the world.

Very soon, Nigerians will be introduced to the world of KASI, the enchanting multi-talented June 12 girl who can write songs like no other, sing like no other, dance like no other, draw like no other, create fashion like no other and ride the power bike like no other!

A well-known music industry producer who has seen the ever smiling KASI at close quarters says “KASI is a bomb waiting to explode and when she explodes, all the girls in the music industry must go back to the drawing board because KASI is set to rewrite the rules”

Speaking about KASI, Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman of COSON and former President of PMAN who for many years was a sought after music producer and Artiste & Repertoire Manager for EMI, the international recording conglomerate, said, “I have spent a life time in the music industry. I have seen talents in different shapes and colours. I am not sure that I have met any talent so real and genuine like the June 12 girl. KASI is absolute joy to work with. She is a natural and has inspired me in many ways. I can’t wait for Nigerians and the world to experience what I have seen in KASI”

Chief Okoroji who owns TOPS, the hot music production, publishing, distribution and events company, says that TOPS which is ready to make a big statement soon with an outstanding group of young first class Nigerian talents is putting everything behind KASI. Said Okoroji, “I am 100% confident that KASI will rock the world and TOPS is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the June 12 girl, the first lady of TOPS, gets a roll out like no other.”


Be it a brown, Red, black or White cow, the milk is still white.
By: Dr. A.J. Valentine