I am bored with my ritual film roles – Kanayo O. Kanayo

Source: nigeriafilms.com

Victor Akade

Recent time, Kanayo O. Kanayo have been seen playing just one role, a ritual king pin. Ranging from such films as Blood Billionaire, Hot Money, Desperate Billionaires, Nothing for Nothing, Across the bridge and so many others, one would be tempted to ask if the marketer are not over stretching the ritual story or if they are not over using Kanayo O. Kanayo for the role. Interestingly, Kanayo O. Kanayo himself laments that he is already bored “I have been bored, I have been at the centre of it al since January and this is the truth, coming from me. You also ask the question, who is marketing the film? Who is distributing? Because he comes back to tell you, this is what the market wants. It's not regulated by Kanayo O. Kanayo, its not being regulated by any actor, but then, they come back and tell us it is ritual films that the market wants. And of course you know that we want to work and we believe that we cannot afford to have a five minutes break for the industry again. But then, we want to do story that has social relevance. Stories that impact on the life of the people. I am tired of the ritual films and I want us to reposition ourselves. That is why we need more corporate bodies to come into movies. So that while some are doing ritual others will be doing love movies. But even then, should Kanayo O. Kanayo not be grateful that the jobs are coming from him, notwithstanding that they are ritual roles, considering that at a time he was out of job. The actor said “ Yes, it does put food on my table, but I am not a selfish person I believe in anything that may advance the cause of the people. In as much as it puts food on my table, we still need to reposition move to the next level. It's not all about ritual movies, but stories that impact on people's lives, stories that impact on the society. Lets us be the agents of social change that's all.”