I Regrets My Missed Opporunity Of Visitting Dagrin Before He Died -General Pype

Source: porscheclassy.com

Dance hall and reggae artiste, General Pype has lamented his regret over a missed opportunity to  visit his renowned colleague, Dagrin before he passed away at the hospital.

General Pype in a remorseful state claimed he lacked the courage to face the rapper, who was in a deplorable health condition.

However, he said he was encouraged by a female acquaintance to make the hospital trip, but had banked on seeing Dagrin when he get discharged from the hospital.

Unfortunately for him, it was to be the last moments for the rapper.

His words: “I met Dagrin through Sheyman who told me that he was one of my biggest fans. I sat outside my house one day when he came around. When I saw him, I asked if he was Dagrin and he answered in the affirmative.

“He seemed so excited to meet me and from that day till he died, he never called me General Pype, he always referred to me as Baba. I really miss him a lot. I miss the fact that he was down-to-earth despite the way the entertainment industry could be.

“Dagrin was a very humble, thoughtful and kind guy. He loved me because he was also from Abeokuta.

“The most painful part of our relationship was the fact that when he was in the hospital, I did not go to visit him. I was just waiting for the day he would be discharged so that I could jokingly slap his head and scold him for drinking and driving but I did not get to do that.

“I am so pained because a day before his death, I was supposed to visit him with a girl I was dating then who was in the media. The lady asked me to accompany her and when she noticed my reluctance, she said I could sneak into the hospital and nobody would see me but I refused.

“I told her that I did not want to see him in that state and that I wanted him to come out of it alive but he never did.  I never visited him at the hospital; I was waiting for him to come home. I regret that I did not visit him in the hospital.

“My father always told me that you do not need to have billions before you show love towards someone. Your time, presence, and kind messages would go a long way. I really regret the fact that I did not go to the hospital to check on him.”

The late rapper’s death was indisputably a sad experience for music in Nigeria.