How Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Others Influenced My Music Career -Sugar Boy


Nigerian fast rising singer, Sugar Boy has revealed legendary musicians who has influenced his musical career while growing up.

In a recent interview, he said: A major influence is my father who had all the albums of his time intact. Songs of Gregory Issacs , Bob Marley and the waiters , Fela Kuti , Brenda , Lucky Dube , Hendrix , Eric D and so on were on constant replay  every other day.”

Speaking on how best could describe his kind of music, he said, “My sound is Afro-Ragga: It’s the fusion of Afrobeat and reggae rhythms. I try to cross borders with my music, so I call my sound Afro-Ragga.”

The G-Worldwide act also talked about his early memory of music began for him. “I remember I had friends who were into music. I was not into music as such though I had mad love for music. All I knew was school, until one time when my friends invited me to a studio just to tell them if their song was good or bad. At the moment I stepped into the yard I felt peace lol. The music ambience and the challenge of creating music thrilled me, I said to myself “this is pure bliss and of course the true religion.”