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By Michael Alonge

The latest may not have been heard about the imbroglio that is currently rocking the MNET/ENDEMOL's movie' The Doctor's Quarters'.
According to our source, the entire crew, that were sacked ignominiously are h now being begged to return.

The genesis of the brouhaha, according to a reliable source, started when a South African, Mama Nuppy, was said to have been placed above the veteran movie director/broadcaster, Jimi Odumosu and Jimi who saw that as a slap to his professional integrity honourably abandoned the set which is located at 39 Sobo Arobiodu Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

This move, as we also gathered annoyed the cast and they were said to have left the set and insisted for Jimi's return.
When the hit of the crisis was so much on the crew, we learnt that Uncle Jimi, as he's fondly called was begged to return to his 5 Million naira job which he
got through his dint of experience and hard work.

The sympathy the entire cast had for Jimi, a source further revealed, cost them their stay on the set and they were given an eviction order. The mega bucks fee which they had all collected up-front were the only consolation they got from the
multi-million naira movie.

However, when the cast later realised that there was a move by the production coy for their return, they vowed never to go back even with one
million naira extra fee.

We are still digging further to uncover the remaining story but until the curtain is drawn, the story continues.