Memories of You

By Melanie Miller

I thought of you today.
I pictured you and me in the meadows.
You wore just standing there,
looking at me.
You touched my cheek softly,
then kissed my lips of honey dew.
You held me close in your arms..
You know how much I could not resist your charms.
You whispered into me ear, ''I love you''
You wore my one hopes desire, you wore my everything.

I could not ask for a better love, or friend.
And you wore both to me.
I hope your'e in heaven watching over me,
as I feel you are, and know love,
You will always be that one single shining star,
that shines so brilliant and bright and one day,
I will take a flight and soar to you, and be with you...

but for now, I will just have fond memories of you...

of yesterday and think of you all the time...til time is no more.

the end...