Desmond Elliot's Marriage Cracks


Word reaching us has it that Desmond Elliot's two year marriage is currently facing turbulent crisis, no help to Desmond Elliot's current movie status. Word has it that problems arose as a result of Desmond's numerous love scenes.

His Church and his wife asked him to stop making love scenes and when Desmond refused explaining that it did not make him unfaithful to his wife, the Church immediately ban him from the drama group. Desmond Elliot has been married for about to years to a woman who he dated for eight years.

He has revealed in numerous publications that his wife is his best friend and he is obliged to his church. Desmond does not go to church very frequently anymore since the church would not let him practice his profession. Sources have it that Mrs. Elliot has separated from her husband and is requesting a divorce while Desmond insists he thinks of her during every love scene.