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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has stated that the

under-developed nature of states across the country remain traceable to

an overbearing Federal Government that has dysfunctional federal

organisations that slow down the pace of development.

He said that State Governors should no longer be addressed as Chief

Security Officers, but mere Chief Logistic Officers who only provide

logistics for Federal Security agencies.
Addressing the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC) 9 at the

Institute of Security Service (ISS), Abuja on Wednesday, Governor Wike

said : “The federal government is simply too overbearing with

too much powers and resources at its disposal. We know the recurrent

rifts between the Federal Government and the States

overdevelopment issues, including revenue sharing, resource

control, excesscrude oil account, appointments into federal agencies and

arbitrary location or withdrawal of federally-funded projects.”

In his paper titled: “Institutional weaknesses and challenges of

development in Rivers State, ” the governor argued that Federal

Government agencies have been turned against state and local governments

as they merely constitute themselves into a stumbling block as they

deliberately embark on unconstitutional activities that stall

He said that Rivers State has been at the receiving end of the

failures of Federal institutions as no new projects have been instituted

in the state by the Federal Government for years.
The governor stated : “Given its contributions to national

development, Rivers State deserves a special status and

consideration from the Federal Government, but it is not.

“Rather, the State has suffered sustained neglect,

marginalization and injustice from successive federal governments and

its agencies. Even as no new development project has been initiated in the

State for decades, what is most distressing is failure of the Federal

Government to adequately maintain some of the critical federal

infrastructure in the State.”
He noted that the centralization of security and the poor use of the

security agencies have negatively impacted on the development of Rivers

State, with several anti-people measures instituted to work against the

peace of the state.
He said : “Developments in Rivers State in the last few months point to

the capture of the State's security system by some special interest groups

in their attempt to overawe the State Government and achieve their

political agenda.
“Thus,frequent transfer of the CP and other Director of the State Security

Serviceshas become a norm. I am presently working with the 5th

Commissioner ofPolice since I assumed office barely a year ago. Indeed,

things have gone so
bizarre that senior officers who had had political brushes with me now

headevery sensitive police formation in the State.”

Governor Wike reiterated that the manipulation of the electoral process

by INEC has become extremely worrisome, with the state denied

representation at the National Assembly while the State House of Assembly

has not been fully constituted.
He pointed out that the most shocking is Tai Local Government Area

where INEC has plotted to sneak in concocted results for cancelled polls.

“The failure to conclude the re-run elections in Rivers State is

a distraction, which is a development cost the State Government is paying

onaccount of INEC's institutional weaknesses and inefficiencies”, he said.

The governor added that despite the Federal stumbling blocks to

development, his administration has ensured that Rivers people enjoyed

good governance and development.
He said that the state judiciary which was crippled by the immediate

past administration has been revived , made more functional and

independent. The governor stated that the House of Assembly enjoys

independence while the hitherto moribund civil service has been revived.

The governor called for reforms of relevant Federal and State

institutions to ensure that the contribute to development rather than

impede it.