The Tragic End of Ghanaian Actress

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Most Nigerian's might not know who Suzzy Williams was, at least not yet. Suzzy Williams was a Ghanaian actress who crossed over to Nollywood with the intent of being a star, but tragedy struck even before Susan's breakthrough role hit the scene, and Suzzy would never witness her rise to stardom. Though Suzzy had already featured in seven Nollywood flicks, her latest, War For War produced by Edwin Deraco and marketed by Deraco Productions (The Bank Manager, Dollars From Germany, The Investigator) was intent on making Suzzy a Nollywood star. Suzzy was signing a deal to appear in a couple of other Deraco Productions. Suzzy was killed about a month ago in a ghastly motor accident in Ghana. The actress was in a car with her new boyfriend, a member of the Liberian R&B group, Soul Black. Eyewitnesses say the two were drunk as they approached the La Palm Royal Beach around 1.30 a.m. on that faithful night. Her boyfriend who was driving survived but Suzzy died on the spot. She was twenty three. "To me, the sky is not the limit, but beyond the skies. Its just a matter of time. I will surely get there [Hollywood]" - Suzzie