Our airwaves are polluted with junk music —Emeka Nwakwuche, a.k.a. E-Lord

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Written by BAYO ADEOYE

Emeka Nwakwuche, popularly known as E- Lord, is one of the young Nigerian musicians that are burning with the desire to take the Nigerian music industry to the next level. In this interview with BAYO ADEOYE, the graduate of Psychology from the Imo State University talks about his music, challenges and more.

What does music mean to you?

It is my life, my blood and everything. That is what I live for.

Today, a lot of young guys want to play music without considering whether or not they have the talent. So, would you say you have not also climbed on the bandwagon?

I didn't force myself into it. I have a passion for music. I'm married to Hip-hop Hop and I have been in music for 14 years. If I forced myself into it, I would have called it quits because of the challenges I have faced in the past years. I am different in some ways. I graduated in Psychology in 2004 from the Imo State University. I know some of my mates that are doing well in other businesses, but I am not cut out for business or a nine-to-five kind of job. I am a born musician. My kind of music is unique. The airwaves are polluted with all sorts of music; but with my kind of music, I am going to change this. And this is why I titled my new single, Good music (Jazz in Jazz out). Today, a lot of masters of ceremonies have come and gone in the industry, but the good ones will definitely stay. A number of them are into music not because they are good at the game, but because they want to make money; so, they come out with rubbish.

You said earlier that some artistes are in the industry to make money. So, are you singing for charity?

No, I am not here for charity. That is why I said I am married to Hip-hop. And being faithful, 'she' has to pay me back for all my troubles. I am not after fame; otherwise, I will keep dropping singles for radio stations like others. My musical contents and delivery are perfect. I want a song that will be there forever. I listen to most Nigerian artistes, they only reign for six months; but afterwards, nobody wants to hear them anymore. They let the market dictate to them. You are to express yourself because music is all about expression. But if your priority is all about money, you will 'jazz in and jazz out.'

The industry is highly saturated with lots of Hip-hop musicians. Some are good, while some are not. And there is a very stiff competition. So, how do you think you can break even?

Yeah! I am aware of the competition and that's why I came up with this single. My work says it all. No matter how much you push a bad
song, it can't stay there for long. I have played my single everywhere and lots of people loved it. So, I know I will definitely break even. My song is complete: The beat, the lyrics and everything.

The track, Good music addresses the issue of junk music that has polluted our airwaves and the DJs that are fond of playing such songs. This has some effects on the industry. Some good artistes come out with good songs, but they can't push them because the airwaves are full of artistes who play junk songs and junk DJs who collect money before they can play your songs.

But I know that if you come out with something extra-ordinary, you will definitely breakthrough. So, that's the reason I decided to come out with my single now.

Are your parents in support of your career?

When I started, it wasn't easy. They asked me if it was what I really wanted to do in life. But when they saw how passionate I was, they gave up. Right now, they are my number one fans and they support me. I don't have a label right now, so they are supporting me,financially and morally.

How do you cope with your female fans that may need your attention now?

You have to choose what you want. If you know what you want, women can never be an obstacle. I know what I want and I am focused, so, I can not fail. I have them around me, but I cannot allow them to ruin me. I have come across both the good and the bad ones.