I’m not Ugly and Skinny, I’m Only Living Healthy Life Now…Ebube Nwagbo Brags

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Sharing of old pictures or events every Thursday has become a routine among some Nigerians especially celebrities and while fans tends to appreciate some of them, some are some times pushed to the wall.

One of such fellow is actress, Ebube Nwagbo, who was recently described with her throwback picture as an ugly actress.

Anyway, she shared the picture and needed a reply by asking her fans to identify her personality in the picture which had three ladies posing.

The fan who gave her the sad response she least expected wrote, 'you were sweeter than you are now. You were fleshy and thick but now fashion has made you gone slim and ugly.'

Sister Ebube will always show her dexterity when it comes to cyber bully as she gave her own version, 'dear madam, you have no right to call me or anybody created by God ugly. No I'm not skinny. No I'm not ugly. It's called growing up and living a healthy life style. If you choose to be fat, your choice and not my dam business, so back off, thanks.'