Undressed Actresses: Some Fools Are Trying To Destroy Nollywood… Ugezu Ugezu


Nollywood actor and producer, Ugezu Ugezu, is not happy with the recent style of acting in Nollywood where actress now go undressed.

 The issue which has been lingering for a while with many pictures of undressed actresses now flying and circulating the internet, this has triggered the anger from Ugezu, who has decided to speak up on the matter.

Ugezu pointed out that acting undressed scenes in movies especially Nollywood, is not part of African culture as he has been observing that some actors have decided to go under the umbrella of 'Porn Actors Guild of Nigeria' (PAGN).

The movie producer emphasized that since the pace setters have tried in giving the industry a good name and some people are trying to destroy it, he will never use any actor that has acted any dirty roles in his movies.

In his words, 'We are still trying to re position AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria) for greater gains and some disgruntled elements have gone backward, in the name of moving forward, to register online, something we in the NOLLYWOOD CRUSADERS have decided to call PAGN (P*** Actors Guild of Nigeria)

'Listen folks, p*rn*gr*p*y are not part of the African Art and it has no place in the sacred African Heritage, tradition and Culture. I am not going to mention names but my people are watching and taking notes.

'Anyone that participates in the very uncouth pornography that you PAGN members are filming now (Which some people have continued in error to refer to as Nollywood films), WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTAMINATE DISCIPLINED ACTORS in real Nollywood films. I will not use a PAGN member in my films and once you have acted p***, you belong to PAGN simple. People laboured to bring Nollywood to Global Recognition. All you fools that cannot think outside the box CANNOT DESTROY THAT LEGACY.'