Yvonne Jegede Gives Reasons Why She Wants to Marry

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Actress Yvonne Jegede is very positive about marriage despite seeing a lot of marriage suffer from domestic violence . She said that the issue is a personal decision.

 She said ' It is just the same way salivation is a personal decision. It is only you that can make up for them because you and I have to come together and agree that we are going to tolerate each other. However, we have to pass through this and come out strong. So, I think it is a personal thing.

Yvonne went on to say 'Some people, even before they got married already have it in mind that if my husband cheats, I will break up with him or divorce, whereas you have not even gotten married and you are already saying something like that. So, a lot of times people have it in mind that if I catch my wife cheating, I will do this and that so why don't you allow it happen before you plan. Why not get there first then whatever you want to do, you do. If you don't want to stay in the marriage, nobody can force you.'

About getting married 'Yes, I do. There are people who are celebrating 25 years in marriage. They are not different from people that are divorced. Of course, I have a positive mindset about marriage.'