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Comedian Senator declares he wouldn’t stoop low for cheap shows!

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It's not the first time we hear comedians talking about poor proceeds received from a show, but at the end of the day, it all depends on the comedian.

A-list comedians cannot be subjected to receiving peanut from a show, because they have already built their brand.

We also have some comedians who are a-list comedians but choose to support some show organizers, whereby they only demand for meager amount of money.

However, comedian senator is stating he wouldn't stoop low to cheap shows, but he failed to understand that Rome wasn't built in a day.

So many A-list artistes, started by doing free shows and that helped them build their brand as it brought many of them to limelight.

In his words: 'I don't want to do free for all show, I need a crowd that can work with weight of my brand. Some people will tell you they are doing a shoe, and their normal audience is a regular person in the club.'

Well for the comedian, he wants a show that would pull crowd, not just a normal regular people, but dignitaries from different walk of life.

Yes, it's a good vision, but he fails to remember that 90 percent of their followers are regular people you find in a club not dignitaries.