Emeka Ike dreads loneliness as he embarks on stopping his divorce proceedings!

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Emeka Ike might not be one actor people like too much due to his violent nature.

The actor who was accused of battery by his wife of so many years is faced with a divorce he has personal refuse to accept.

Ever since his wife Emma filed for divorce on the basis of battery, an allegation Emeka vehemently denied, it has lingered for long and was meant to be concluded today.

Before the judgement today, Emeka Ike applied for a perpetual injunction restraining the customary court's president and any other person appointed to handle the case.

The high court issued a declaration on his behalf that the lower court lacked requisite jurisdiction to entertain and determine the divorce suit since the marriage was conducted in customs and tradition.

At the end of the whole drama, the case was adjourned. One would say Emeka is trying all his best to cover the case in making sure the divorce doesn't take place.