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Nigerian Artistes slavery revealed!

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What kills us many of us Nigerians is the fact that some of us hate originality. We don't value or encourage our own.

The moment we patronize everything Made in Nigeria, things would get better.

Relax and read word for word as I take you to the reality many have been unable to unfold.

Thanks to Dj Jimmy Jatt who has opened our eyes to how our Nigerian artiste enslaves themselves in the name of trying to get more popularity outside the country.

Our artiste has been doing a lot of foreign collaboration, which is really good, as most of them use it as a yardstick on who has the most connection.

But let us not forget that our artiste spend millions of naira just to get these artiste to collaborate with them.

Evaluating who gains most in the collaboration, it has been discovered that our artiste are on a disadvantage more than they gain.

According to ace DJ, Dj Jimmy Jatt's Evaluation: Firstly, Nigerian artiste spends huge sum of money to collaborate with these foreign artiste. Secondly, it's true the song ends up as a hit, but unknowingly, a big path has been opened for that foreign artiste in Nigeria. They become more popular and gather more fan base in the country.

Thirdly, featuring foreign artiste only makes you big in Nigeria; in most cases that song doesn't become a hit in the foreign artiste's territory as they don't go back to their territory to promote the song.

The only way a Nigerian artiste can stamp his/her name in a foreign artiste's territory is when the foreign artiste features you. That way, you become a new sensation in that country.

Do you agree with DJ Jimmy Jatt? Because i do !