Beef Alert: Falz The bahd guy shades Skiibii


The entertainment industry is always full of entertainment just like the name implies, as beefs and drama's are regularly unfolded.

Many might not know that there is a possible silent beef between Five Star Artiste, Skiibii and rapper Falz the Bahd Guy.

Months ago, Five star music artiste Skibii was involved in a controversy where a picture of him surfaced online lying down on the floor lifeless.

This gave people the impression that he was dead, and rumor had it that an insider confirmed him death. Few hours later, his label issued an official statement that he was not dead.

At the end of the whole drama, it was a mere publicity stunt as he released a single that same week. This got people furious on how desperate one can get to attain popularity to the extent to faking one's death.

Sadly enough for him, the single that made him do all those drama, didn't do so much in the market, as his fake death was making rounds instead.

This incident gave popular rapper, Falz a good line in his single 'Soft Work'. It was so obvious that a particular line in that song was referring to Skiibii even though no name was mentioned.

The line goes does: 'Even real talent still need promo, if you fake your own death, you still fit no blow'

That was really a strong punch line from Falz, but do you think it was necessary?