I can’t wait to film my own personal projects- Alex Okoroji

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Nollywood actress, Alex Okoroji, may be achieving a huge success with his radio podcast called The Naked Talk, which is also the name of her book, she is not ready to leave Nollywood yet. She has been quiet about her latest movies because she is busy with other things in her life right now

She said, 'I can never quit acting. I'm always going to be an actor and I can't wait to surprise many people who are yet to realise the depth of my creative abilities. I believe in exploring other areas of the art, like writing and it has tremendously helped me to grow as an actor. No one has ever complained about my competence - I'm a one take actor. I've done a few films recently and the directors and crew can testify to my intense level of depth and internalisation.'

She added 'The only thing is that I don't make so much noise about the movie projects I've done of recent because I feel like I have no right to do so until the producers decide they want to champion that themselves. Sometimes, the thing about acting in some productions is that it makes me feel like a mere contractor. Of course, I've been contracted but it is on the basis of 'come, shoot, get out!' It should be more than that. I should feel like every project I'm part of is my baby, irrespective of who is producing or directing. And I want that baby to succeed. Nigerian producers have a different attitude. But that's why I love what my cousin Omoni Oboli does with her projects. She has mastered the 'art of collaboration'. That's how I have been able to garner over 4.3 million listens in just under a year and five months. And I can't wait to film my own personal projects.'