Meet the Cross Over queens

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Crossover actresses, and the very best of the talented lot, are on either side of the divide: the English and Yoruba film industries. They are the leaders. The ease, at which their lines are delivered and characters interpreted, makes them the toast of the entire industry and role models for many up-coming and aspiring actresses.

Nollywood presents to you some of the most popular crossover actresses in the home video industry.

Joke Jacobs
She's known to be a very versatile role interpreter on stage, screen and a role model to several upcoming actresses. This woman has also showcased her expertise as a cross over queen in Bekun Bekun and Opin Irin Ajo. In these two flicks her performance was simply wonderful.

Bukky Wright
Bukky Wright,a mother of two, became the toast of many movie buffs because of her dexterity at interpreting her roles both in Yoruba and English movies. Her proficiency and ability to interpret roles almost perfectly has endeared her to the heart of both English and Yoruba movie producers. She has also become a producer with four Yoruba movies to her credit.She started off as a Yoruba actress before her foray into the Yoruba sector.

Binta Ayo Mogaji
She is about Ibadan's most popular actress with a knack for fitting in into either side of the industry. Gifted with a superb command of the English Language, Ayo's mastery of the Yoruba dialects which she delivers like a typical native is her greatest advantage and has won her the respect of the audience and producers. Some of her best performances on both sides are; Desperate Secret, Sergeant Okro, Agogo Eewo and Akirika.

Omotola Jalade
Beautiful, sexy and talented OmoT, as she loves to be called, cut her teeth as a superb actress in the movie, 'Mortal Inheritance' several years back. With a lot of other scintillating roles and awards to show today, very enterprising Omotola suddenly made a cross over to the Yoruba movie scene few years ago with a lead role in Kosorogun (No Rival) and Oyato - both subtitled in English. With these appearances, the lively, head-turning mother of four became the toast of producers of that sector of the industry Omotola remains every producer's dream star and the delight of every home video connoisseur.

Racheal Oniga
Rachael is a household name. And she has also come a long way in Nollywood. In both English and Yoruba movies, she's excelled so much and is still doing so. In fact, she is one of the few Nollywood queens that have criss-crossed the two terrains without a hitch. In both, she's remained very visible and a source of inspration to the younger actresses hoping to criss-cross like she has done.

Sola Shobowale
“Toyin Tomato” needs no introduction. Her roles in the make-believe world of acting have more than shot her into limelight. The talented movie queen who is more at home in movies as a 'cantankerous, troublesome and no-nonsense woman, today, enjoys the best of two worlds and her popularity has soared exceedingly in both sectors. Ironically, her personality out of the klieg lights is completely different from the nagging troublemaker she often acts.

Liz Benson
This ageless and beautiful actress is a success as a cross-over actress . The top rated English movie star and mother of three has featured in countless English movie flicks. A non-Yoruba, she made a cross over into Yoruba films with Tunji Bamishigbin's Eeku Ida where she demonstrated her skill as a remarkable actress. Her delivery of the Yoruba language was very commendable. Apart from this, Liz has also made appearances in a few other Yoruba works in recent times.

Ayo Adesanya Hassan
An English graduate from the University of Ibadan, Ayo Adesanya, whose break came from her role in Opa Williams' Dry Leaves, and capped with Most Wanted, made her debut in the Yoruba movie sector with her role in Iru-Oka. She has since followed it up with Eebu Ika which she produced ,Gboko Gboko (Husband Snatcher) and 'Otelemuye.