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How Osita Iheme Disgraced self at Exclusive Event While Having Free Dinner

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days some Nigerian celebrities seems to be getting it all wrong especially with the same media that made them who they are but the upcoming once seems to feel on top of the world because of their millions and 'borrow pose' cars.

Over the weekend, Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme, created an healthy scene at an exclusive event after he indirectly insulted the Nigerian media that he hates relating with them.

Osita stated that he does not like talking to lots of media because he does not know the quality of the programme and the level in which he will be placed which can attract more business to help his career as he asked the journalist with him to move away from his sight.

“I don't like talking to some Nigerian media and also endorsing their programmes because I don't even know the quality of the programme they are showing and where they will be taking the video to, please leave and go and do your work else where,” he scolded the journalist who left with a smiling face.

Some of the actors who sat around him on the table had to just stare at him while shouting at the journalist as he helped himself to the food served at his table.

Despite his rant in such a public gathering, actor cum comedian, Okey Bakassi, while entertaining the guests at the event warned his colleagues to learn to develop thick skin for the media as they have helped made their job as entertainers easy.

He pointed out that though some stories might be very painful but it helps to show that the person involved is still relevant in the industry.