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Nicholas Agu
Without my wife showing it, I know that she loves me because whenever I drink and come back home, Ojiugo my wife would never quarrel. She would welcome me first. Then when I have relaxed, she would tell me that I drank too much. She would immediately set food for me and urge me to eat very well. Most women quarrel when their husbands drink but my Ojiugo would never do that.

Another thing she does is that when I come back and the children have scattered the sitting room, if I want to complain, she would come and pet me in her usual way and I would relax. The most beautiful thing she does again is that she prefers to kiss me when I am angry. What else does a man want a woman to do before he knows that she really loves him?

Ethelbert Nnadi
Most men don't appreciate little things yet they are what make, build and keep marriages.I have a wonderful wife. Angela is a God-given gift to me. For over five years that I married her, we have never quarrelled. Whenever an issue comes up, she would call me when she knows I am in a good mood and she would tell me her opinion. She has never allowed a third party into our relationship. She has never starved me both ways. Whenever I drink and come back home, she would never quarrel. When some items get exhausted in the house, she would call me and gently tell me and right there, I would give her the money to replace the items. Some women think that by shouting, quarrelling and fighting, they can get things from their husbands, but Angela has never adopted that method. To crown it, whenever I am leaving the house in the morning, she prays for me and wishes me well. Since I married her, it has been open doors all through. With this attitude of hers, I know very well that she loves me even though she does not tell me I love you.

Azubuike Ogaraku
I know that my wife loves me through her looks. When I look at her eyes, it depicts deep love. She is also happy whenever I am at home. Then when I go out in the morning for a day's job and I come back home, she is always happy that God has seen me through for that day. If she does not love me, she won't always want me around. She would be quarrelling and I would always want to be outside and join the association of drinkers where men tell their woes in the hands of their wives.

Chigozie Dike
It takes carefulness for a man to know that his woman loves him without her telling him hundred times in a day. The two qualities that can make a man stick to his wife is being possesive, and that is why I always tell myself that she loves me. When a woman prepares delicious meals for a man, she has captured the heart of that man. So, my baby prepares my meals with every carefulness and she is also good in bed. Because of that, I don't care if other women exist or not because what I would be looking for upstairs is right downstairs waiting for me. She also washes my clothes and I wash hers as well.

Chukwunonso Umerah
It is my woman's attitude that makes me believe that she loves me. She cares for me when I am sick or drunk. She enjoys going out with me and that has been our way of life. Whenever I am going out for relaxation, I go with her. The Bible says that what God has joined, let no man put asunder. So, I will not put asunder the relationship that God has ordained. Since she plays her part, I try as much as possible to play my own part. We rob minds together when it comes to spending. We solve our problems in order of importance. She is also good in love making and does not say no whenever I need her.

Sunday Diobinma Dan-pet
Because of the ugly experiences I have had with women, I find it difficult to believe that a woman can love a man sincerely. All that they do is because of what they are getting from men. Although I know that it is not applicable to all women but how would you know the ones that are faithful. Women have duped me severally. I have done so many things for women and their families but they never appreciated it. Which do I recollect and leave the other? Is it Mama G and Njideka her connection which she used to dry my pocket? All the same, I thank God for my wife who is really appreciative of every little thing I do for her and her family. She knows that I am a guy man so she has understood that but sometimes when I misbehave, she would go on strike like Power Holding Company of Nigeria. If she suspects that I have played away match, she would give me indefinite suspension but later, she would forgive. I have tested cold and hot water from the hands of women but I think my wife is the only woman that has ever loved me sincerely because when I was working in Enugu before I married her, she was taking care of me. I had no money then but she stood by me.

Blessing Ogaraku
I would know that a man loves me even without him showing it because for a man to approach a woman, he must have felt something for her. Before he asked for my hand in marriage, I knew he loved me because marriage is not a child's play. The look from my husband's eyes each day tells me how much he loves me. He also cares for me. He does everything humanly possible to see that I am comfortable. We usually don't have steady supply of electricity but he ensures that I am comfortable whenever I am at home by providing fuel for our generating set. He is such a caring man and I can close my eyes and tell you that he loves me.

Okechukwu Udeh
It takes a man who is sincere to tell you that her woman loves him. It is also difficult for someone to know that his or her partner cares without showing because for the women, their duty is to take care of the home, cook for their husbands and children, wash the man's clothes, etc. So, would you say that your wife loves you because she is doing all these things? The answer could be no and yes at the same time because some women do it because it is their responsibilities, just as bringing money for the feeding of the family is a man's responsibility. To some, they do it because they love their husbands. I know that my wife loves me because she is not giving me problem at home. She treats me fine and she is not the nagging type. She is interested in my success. She makes sure that I do the right thing at the right time. With all these things she does, I am convinced that she loves me.

Ugo. T.J
As a matter of fact, love is abstract, and love is something you cannot hide. It must be shown, the way you will know is the person's attitude towards you. The person's physical state also betrays it. Taking it direct to myself, I don't need to be told that my wife loves me. I am very sure of that because there are several things that I cannot found in other women that I found in her. The way she responds to my emotions is quite different from what others do. The way she attends to me in particular is also quite different from what others do.

Stella Darlington
I know he loves me. There is a saying that action speaks louder than words. We don't have a househelp, and my husband helps me to take care of the children.

Again, what makes me know that my husband loves me is that he washes my babies' clothes, his own clothes and even mine, but I don't allow him to wash mine most times.

He hands over his money to me and allows me to decide how to spend it since I am the one in charge of the family.

When your husband loves you, you will surely know it. A man that will not help you to do any house work even when the baby is sick or even when you are sick, does not love you.

Some marry because the money is there but for me,whether there is money or not, the love is there.

Lillian Anane
Through the character of the man, you will know whether he loves you or not. In a situation when I behave badly, instead of scolding me he will not, neither does he quarrel with me.

Juliana Orekie
Whenever my husband comes back from work, and I am not around, he will not be happy. Also, whenever I go to visit a friend and does not return at the right time, he will be worried. In fact, I can't describe the love he has for me. No matter what, he doesn't joke with me. The love he has for me makes him to pick me to the office every morning before leaving for his own office, and will request to come back to pick me after work. He wants me to be happy at all times, not to see me sad.

He not only picks me to office, but also assists me with domestic works. He fetches water for me, which some men cannot do.

Whenever I am cooking, he will be with me in the kitchen, chatting with me and telling me stories.

There are some jobs I should do in the kitchen which he does. So, I believe that such a person loves me.