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Maybe you already know that Ramsey Noauh's career started alongside Pat Attah and Regina Askia in Zeb Ejiro's Ripples and from there, he moved on to become Nollywood's highest paid actor, grossing about a million naira per picture. But what really do you know about this star apart from the things you've seen on T.V.
Born to an Insreali father and a Nigerian mother (from Ondo State), Ramsey Noauh has been in the industry for over ten years and has appeared in more than two hundred flicks which include his heart warming dual role in Tade Ogidan's 2004's blockbuster Dangerous Twins which Ramsey admits was his most challenging role as an actor. He has also appeared in Heart And Soul, Handsome, Real Love, London Boy, London Lovers, Coming To South Africa, Hard Rain among several others.

Ramsey's good looks have had him play several 'lover boy' roles, but his performance in 'Rip Off' and 'Dangerous Twins' sort of gave the world a different impression of this talented star.

Outside stardom, Ramsey is happily married with children and has been for over five year. Though he complains that fame does not allow him to enjoy his family and it could be extremely difficult, it is the big price he has to pay. While on location he misses his family and feels guilty that his kids don't get to see him too often especially because he grew up with a single parent and would not want the same fate for his kids.

Ramsey enjoys hanging out with his friends, and his favorite hang out spot is 'Ojez' in Surulere, Lagos. He likes to keep his clothing casual (he loves T-Shirts, jeans, trainers) because he likes to feel free and liberal, but he also dresses down (formal dressing) when he dims it fit. He is crazy about BMW's but also loves his Mercedes Benz

Though late last year, Mr. Noauh's name was included in the list of Banned stars by the Marketers Association Of Nigeria (MAN), until early this year he still appeared in various flicks which include Paradise To Hell. Mr. Noauh has returned to television where he initially started and now appears in Soul Food (Nigeria). He has also discovered his music talents and is working on an album, but in the meantime, he would appear in the all star musical extravaganza being put together by Tade Ogidan.

Ban or no ban, Ramsey Noauh is a star that would continue to shine