Ghana & nollywood

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Afolabi Adesanya, the managing director of the Nigerian Film Corporation Jos revealed recently in a press briefing that Nigerian films were never banned in Ghana. It was merely a hoax he stated, having discussed with the Ghanaian marketers association and other movie stakeholders in Ghana. He stated that there was never a ban placed on Nigerian home videos.
Though Afolabi later on revealed that there was a bit of truth in the whole banning issue when he admitted that Nigerian movies were actually suspended in the Ghanaian market. But this the Ghanaian marketers claim was to enable Ghanaian films appreciate in terms of sales and popularity. Afolabi also highlighted the excessive use of juju/ witchcraft as content in Nigerian movies, the major appearance of the home video market and movie slots on T.V by Nigerian movies as the reason for the suspension by the Ghanaian marketers.