Ruggedman Is Cool With 9ice Relationship Today, See Why


Michael Stephen Ugochukwu popularly called Ruggedman is no longer having issues with 9ice after Toni Payne and 9ice broke up years back. Today, he is the owner of Twentieth September Wears TSW which was named after his birthday and he is doing other great stuffs aside music.

He is running his clothing line, record label Rugged Records, and he hosts TV shows, compere events, do a lot of social work that are tied to his being a United Nations peace ambassador. He said about making a huge difference in the music industry “I believe I have succeeded in putting my name in the Nigerian music/entertainment history books, but will strive to do more.”

Guess what he likes about a woman “Her carriage, sense of humour, nice personality and sense of responsibility. Someone once asked me what female physical attribute I preferred, my answer was ” once I connect with the woman I am ok with whatever physical attributes she has. Be they small or large”.

He is currently shooting videos “I have been shooting videos for my track 8 Figures TSW remix featuring Ice Prince and a few other tracks I do not want to mention just yet, so as not to let the cat out of the bag. I have also been recording new music and creating new designs for my next set of shirts for my Twentieth September Wears clothing line.

About his relationship with 9ice today “We are cool.”