Why People With Black Skin Are Better Than Those With White/Fair Skin

Source: brainnewsng.com

In the world today so many people with black complexion are not proud of the colour of their skin but unknowingly to many, black skin is far better than fair/white skin.

I have decided to put down the following points to prove that black skin is better than fair/white skin;

1) A mosquito bite(s) on a black skin does not keep noticeable spot on the skin but mosquito bite(s) produces red spots on a fair/white skin.

2) There's no cream or soap in the world that can change a white/fair skin to black.

But there are many creams and soaps that can change black skin to fair/white skin. So the black skin is superior to the white skin because a black skin can be changed to white but a white/fair skin can never be changed to black.

3) A fair/white skin is very sensitive to sunlight, some parts of a fair skin becomes reddish in colour when exposed to high sunlight & some of the veins becomes greenish in colour, but sunlight can never damage a black skin.

4) A person with black skin can look at the hot sun for a long time while a person with fair/white skin cannot look at the sun for a minute. Always be proud to have a black skin because we are better than those with the so-called white skin.

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