Alhaji Lai Muhammed And His Warped Style!


Alhaji Olayiwola (Lai) Muhammed, the current Minister for Information and Orientation, seems to be going the way of his 'ancestors' who manned the ministry over the years. There is no difference between Alhaji Lai and the Walter Ofornagoros, Uche Chukwumerijes, Dora Akunyilis, Labaran Makus; it is still the same style, same propaganda method, seeing the opposition and government critics as enemies that must be crushed by every means rather than reason with. No change or departure from the past, a testimony that, we are who and what we are. This is then to say that, the APC political party in government came to power without a clear agenda on modus operandi.

We still have a Minister for Information that has not realised his functions and responsibilities as a Minister in charge of the agents of information, orientation, enlightenment campaign of government programmes and policies. Our dear Alhaji Minister still see himself as a party spokesperson hence, the enemy must be crushed 'by fire, by force.' He speaks like a man at war with his enemies, but this is in contrast with his job and portfolio. This is a ministry that must carry Nigerians along with government policies and programmes, it must explain to the Nigerian people at every point in time the direction the government is headed in very simple terms, seeking for their understanding and support.

As a Minister for Information, part of his duty is to properly inform the people of the policies, programmes, achievements of the government. It is his duty to enlighten the populace and pioneer orientation on how, what citizens are required to do in building a country of our dream, supporting the government to succeed. The Minister must galvanise the people towards marching to the dream land if that is the party's destination.

It is the full responsibility of the Minister to present the feelings, thoughts, agonies of the people to the government for possible consideration and amendment of its policies and style to lessen the hardship people are going through. This ministry serves as the main government agency that must understand how best to handle and manage information and orientation to possibly douse tension in the land. The era of 'attack dog(s)' for any government in power is not just over but dead. History has shown that attack dogs only worsen the situation for the public relations of the government in power. And, that was the situation with the past government. President Jonathan was badly represented by his media, publicity and close aides. Yes, we supported a change in government because the former toyed with impunity, insecurity and corruption, and any government who does that must be shown the way out without thinking twice.

Alhaji Lai must be civil in his approach, professional in the way and manner he executes his job. Nigerians are ready to make sacrifices but requires the government to convince us of their sincerity. So far, Mr. President talks in a well polished manner, he understands the plight of the people and he is seeking for understanding and prayers. And, it is this ministry that have the responsibility to propel us with facts presented humbly. There is no person or group for the present government to fight rather to confront the mountain of problems facing it, which was why they were voted into power. So, Mr Lai must desist from his original propagandist style and concentrate on building a peaceful, united country for all.

Written by Uzodinma Nwaogbe.

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