Helen Paul Shares Cute Throwback Pictures with Husband

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Is that Helen Paul? See how time changes the lives of people. The comic actress and radio presenter has shown us her throwback wedding pictures of herself and hubby, Femi Bamisile. The couple is simply cute and they are even looking better now.

She had tagged one of the pictures “Igbeyawo”... The art of carrying your iyawo and holding unto each other for life. Helen has a dream of influencing those around her. She once said ““I have always greatly admired Oprah Winfrey and I am working on a talk show that promises to be very interesting. She recently brought the show to an end and it's good for upcoming acts like me to continue from where she ended, yeah!

Meanwhile, I am fast becoming some sort of “motivational speaker”. I get invitations to make presentations on business and life issues in various organizations. “

She loves kids also “I would have loved to give birth to triplets instead of having to visit the labour room thrice. If I was doing triplets, I would have nine kids by now. I love children so much” she said “I want to have wonderful children all over the world. I want my children to affect lives everywhere in the world. I want to have touched so many lives. But it is not yet the time; I am getting there, in the next 60-70 years, I would have gotten there”