Omoni Oboli Reveals The Secrets of Wives


In 17 days, Wives on Strike has grossed over N51 million, something that most producers dream of but never get to achieve. The movie maker, Omoni Oboli who worked on a tight budget to produce the movie has revealed the secrets behind the making of the film.

Omoni talks about the theme of the movie “We wanted to make a movie about wives on strike, but we couldn't find a good enough reason for the women to go on strike that would be believable, or at least understandable. When the issue of the child bride came up back in 2013, we decided that we had found our reason. That's when I decided to write the story. I also wanted to tell it as a comedy, even though it was a serious message so that it could reach a wider audience.”
Money is coming in but Omoni has not gotten her cheque from the making of the movie “Well, we have to wait till the movie runs its course at the cinemas, because that's when I get my cheque.

From the figures we've done so far, I can say that we've started making profit.”

She revealed the secret of the success of the movie “I really don't know. I just kept doing what I do normally for all my movies, and God's favour simply kicked in and here we are. The one thing I can say is that I tried to be consistent with the efforts I put into my work, and also learn from my mistakes each step of the way, so that I don't keep towing the same lines which were unsuccessful and expecting a different result. It paid off and it was by grace, no magic.