Sonia Ogbonna opens up on her love life with IK Ogbonna

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The love story between IK Ogbonna and Sonia Ogbonna is one that everyone of us will want to hear. It began with an introduction from a friend and IK took the bull by the horn to tell Sonia what he wanted from her, marriage. Currently, Sonia is studying for a master's degree in Development of Third World Countries but refused to tell us the institution.

Talking about her relationship with IK "I am married to a Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna and a mutual friend introduced him to my Instagram page. He got my Blackberry Messenger pin and the first message he sent to me was “Hello my wife.”

She continued "At that time, we were continents away from each other, but that didn't discourage him. It took him three weeks to convince me to visit Nigeria. We both followed our hearts and made the impossible quite easy. He told me he knew from the very start that I was his missing rib and that I would become his wife. I guess what is meant to be will always be." she said.
Sonia revealed how she came to Nigeria: "I came to Nigeria with an open mind. I was ready to learn new things and fall in love with the culture, food, language, fashion and history."