Alakyo Three Years After: For God And Country But Forgotten By Country


Cultists of Ombatse recorded the highest medal in bestiality when they used deep African science to ambush Nigerian security operatives. The outcome of the encounter between the cultists and Nigerian security operatives was the cold- blooded massacre of over 80 police officers and men of SSS drafted to contain the menace of the group in Alakyo, Lafia Area of Nassarawa State.

Countless Nigerian security operatives have lost their lives since the Second World War. It is however on record that the Alakyo carnage records the first time civilians will kill operatives in such a shocking, painful number. Sadly, the widows and orphans, have been abandoned, and many people have utterly forgotten about the gory incident.

These gallant men died serving Nigeria. They laid down their lives to protect vulnerable Nigerians. There won't be any remembrance for them, no mausoleum, no speech. Worse of all, there wont be any respite for their suffering family. Children will turn destitute, widows will mourn, toil mostly in pain and in vain until they starve to death.

The wives, of the slain operatives marked the third year remembrance of their husbands protesting what they call federal government insensitivity to their plight. According to the protesting widows,  “They have not given our husbands justice. Now, they won't even pay their entitlements. No welfare!”.

Our security operatives are supposed to be among the best in the world. They train well, work hard and totally dedicate themselves to their jobs. Sadly, they are paid peanuts. When they die on active duty, nobody honor their memory, or pay entitlements. Either their entitlements are appropriated by fraudulent officers or delayed on account of bureaucratic red tapes. Entitlements are delayed until monies are lost or become valueless due to drastic change in economic realities.

Nigeria is bedeviled by a rolling civil war. From Niger Delta militancy to Boko Haram insurgency, now it's the Fulani Herdsmen. Nigerians are killed and that is where policy makers have to worry about prompt payment of entitlements and on the job security for security operatives. It is important to intimate that it is nauseating, indeed demoralizing for operatives to realize that all the basic incentives due to them only exist on paper.

The result of demoralized soldiers is always evident in the handling of security matters. The simplest example is policemen reaction to robbery calls. One can be very sure they will scamper off for safety on account of limited weapons or fear for their dear lives. They are not cowards as many are forced to believe. They are only rational Nigerians who have resolved not to lay down their lives for nothing.

During the Second World War, German and British military personnel fought gallantly to save their country. They sacrificed their lives as part of effort to give back to a country that has done well in providing basic infrastructures. They sacrifice their lives for a country that values death of every soldier, every civilian.

It is indeed instructive to intimate that many wounded soldiers during that war refused to be confined to the hospital, instead they head straight to the war front soon as they are patched together. A pilot in German Luftwaffe called Stachel flew Messerschmitt 101 (German fighter aircraft) with stumps when his leg was amputated in a previous crash. Stachel, Adolf Garland (German) Guy Gibson of the Royal Air force (Briton), and many more gallant soldiers gave all to defend their fatherland.

It is indeed a rude reality that terror organizations have better welfare packages than what a regular government is expected to provide its security operatives. Immediate past leadership of Nigerian armed forces took advantage of the confusion in the civil violence across the country to enrich themselves. Soldiers were given obsolete weapons with insufficient ammunitions. They made terror organizations invisible and nearly insurmountable. They complained and were charged for mutiny.

The change administration should work hard towards providing succor to families of deceased. The Alakyo massacre is just a reference point to so many gallant men and women who have died for Nigeria. From Sambissa forest in Maiduguri to the creeks in Niger Delta, many have fallen in the past 8 years, many will still fall.

Nigeria security forces have been battling a revolving civil war already threatening our fragile existence as a country. With secessionists on the prowl, and armed banditry taking advantage of the deteriorating situation, Nigeria is at the precipice. The country needs well-trained military with high morale to stem the tide of terror. Once the military are morale ready, then they are combat ready. Once all is well with our operatives, then its important to educate ordinary Nigerians on the need to watch out for devious few using pockets of violence to stoke the flame of hate.

The killing of herder's livestock in select communities since the past week has characterized approach of lugubrious minds in escalating the tensed relationship between farmers/herders. Already a poisonous relationship has been propagated, communities live in fear as people are beginning to brace up for attacks anytime, once the Fulani kolanut tradition completes its round inviting sympathy reprisals.

While we salute the courage of our dear security operatives who have died, we will also salute the gallantry of those about to die. The change government must act appropriately to bring back reward for service meritoriously render. Our men of war cannot be allowed to lay down their lives for nothing.

 Written by, Israel A. Ebije.
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