Re: Does Peregrino Brimah Speak For Terrorists?


Luke 3:14 (ERV) The soldiers asked him, “What about us? What should we   do?” He said to them, “Don't use force or lies to make people give   you money. Be happy with the pay you get.”

It is befitting to begin this piece with a quotation of Holy Scriptures.   The subject of this piece, one Peregrino   Brimah , who wrote “North`s   Fulani Denial: Did Arase And Buratai Negotiate With Terrorists?”,   almost ended the write up with a quote so it is befitting to continue   from where he stopped by opening this piece with a quote.

I will not waste time with niceties or trying to hide my opinion of him.   Blackmail. That is what Peregrino   Brimah's ranting is always about.   This is why the opening Bible quotation for this piece is about   blackmail. By the way, I opted for the Easy to Read Version (ERV) so he   will have no difficulty understanding what the Holy Book says.

His claim about security bosses negotiating with terrorists was   apparently meant to insult our collective sensibilities as Nigerians.   Let me own up at this point that I have read many of his other offensive   pieces, more out of keeping up with what his latest rant is than   consuming his toxic output out of boredom.

One of the strategies of a blackmailer is to identify, whether true or   not, situations that he could use to drag his subject into the mud. Once   such information is acquired, the blackmailer then demonstrates the   capacity to cause embarrassment for the subject. The marauding herdsmen   became that situation for Brimah , who might have thought that the law   enforcement bosses are ripe for picking. Unfortunately, Brimah got this   one, like many before it, very wrong as the soaring image of the   security bosses he tried to soil easily suctioned the bad blood he is   trying to create.

Furthermore, he completely missed the point. The only verifiable point   that could have been used against Nigeria's security would have been   the outburst of the Enugu State Governor, Mr   Ifeanyi   Ugwuanyi that GOC   82 and the Commissioner of Police of Enugu state failed to respond to   his early warnings. Brimah , being intelligent by half in the piece, did   not exploit this for his aim. Instead, he tried to stoke hatred against   one ethnic group by trying to convey that they are getting preferential   treatment.

In my firm belief, right thinking Nigerians have by now learnt to take   Brimah less serious when the subject of discussion is the Nigerian   military or security services. Unlike, other paid activists who get   briefs in diverse sectors he has exposed himself as running only one   brief for the Islamic Republic of Iran through its embassy in Nigeria   and those who have followed his piece know that country's only target   in Nigeria.

I suggest Brimah read the story about how the Inspector General of   Police,  Solomon Arase ordered the immediate arrest of a police officer,   so far identified as Corporal Chukwu , who is said to be a collaborator   in the attack allegedly perpetrated by herdsmen in Ukpabi , Nimbo   community, Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu state. If Corporal   Chukwu is tried and found guilty, he will be the full embodiment of the   rampaging herdsmen that Peregrino wants the northern elite to denounce   and condemn. Is his long epistle about meeting with terrorists a ploy to   throw security operatives of the trail of those we really should be   looking?

If I sound miffed so far it is because I am seriously put off by this   kind of attitude that compounds Nigeria's by highlighting differences   instead supporting solution. It gets more annoying when you come to the   realization that the person highlighting differences might have done so   for pecuniary gains rather than out of conviction. I think we should all   be angry because if persons with this kind of mindset gain the upper   hand we could find ourselves without a country. Please note the closing   line that is couched to sound like a prayer whereas it was a veiled   threat of “and that Nigeria may not scatter”.

Even though the Good Book admonished that “Be happy with the pay you   get,” it is obvious by now that he is doing the bidding of his   paymasters to get his pocket lined is dangerous to the populace.   Creating the wrong impression around the massacre in Enugu state could   only worsen tensions that are already high. Why would anyone then be   drawing the wrong conclusions simply to be able to log in with client   that something has been delivered in their interest.

Hear Peregrino   Brimah , “If the Agatu massacre was not perpetrated at   the behest of the Fulani then why did the Fulani meet with Arase to   discuss it?”

I am wondering if news got to the planet he lives on that there were   possibilities of retaliation by communities that lost people to   rampaging herdsmen. I also feel nauseated that someone can take to the   media space to label all Fulani as killers, whose leadership must be   treated as terrorists by security operatives. Until investigations can   indict specific individuals as being responsible for the senseless   killings is it wise to criminalize an entire ethnic configuration and   make them outcasts who cannot contribute towards finding lasting peace?

Anyone that has followed this writer's work will know that this   particular piece is not a stand-alone but a brick in a larger wall to   cause strife and division in the country. The Islamic Movement of   Nigeria (IMN), to which he is a spokesman, basically overpowered and   outgunned the police in Zaria and environs for a long time. He defended   the right of IMN to do this to the detriment of other Nigerians, in   difference to Iran of course, and would have nothing against the police   or even any other branch of Nigeria's security having dialogue with   its members. So a man who sees nothing wrong with treating a radicalized   group, bordering on emerging terror group, with kids gloves have issues   with security chiefs finding peaceful resolution to killings that have   become tit for tat.

Sadly, this is not Peregrino’s first futile attempt to denigrate   security chiefs whose crime is that they are doing their duty.  I think   it is becoming uncharitable of him even though I mentally try to make   allowance for him as we all understand that times are hard and that the   “man must wack ” syndrome has taken a negative toll on him under the   prudent administration of President Muhammadu   Buhari . His dislocation   from reality is better appreciated especially when one factors in that   he is constrained to living a false life style in a foreign.

However, there is a need to rescue Peregrino   Brimah from drowning. If we   must save ourselves the now too frequent harangue of this fellow, who   has no qualms speaking for terrorists, then we must immediately consider   rehabilitating the hapless being before he plunges deeper into what is   consuming him.

Written b y Abiodun Israel .

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