End time: Man ends 22 years marriage over infidelity and food poisoning suffered from wife

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

Things are really happening, things one wouldn't expect a sane person to be involved in.

Marriage is a life time institute and one has to be fully ready to go into it willingly.

I really can't phantom why a wife would want to intentionally take the life of her own husband, no matter the atrocity a man commits, why take law into our hands?

Her act was said to be a plan to inherit his properties. Did she even consider the feelings of her kids for once?

The marriage between Yaya Mustapha and his wife Aduke was dissolved today in Igando customary court Lagos, after the frustrated husband filed for a divorce.

When the husband was interviewed, he said: “She once poisoned my food but I sighted the substance when I was about to eat and I called the attention of our neighbors who confirmed it was poisoned. I informed both family members about it. For the past 13 years, I stopped eating her food and stopped making love to her because she can also get me through sex. Also, she always pressurized me to sell my property to a strange man and I knew she had a mission,” he had told the court.”

He also accused her of adultery as he claimed she was mostly in the company of other men and attends parties at will without his knowledge.