Pendency Of The National Grazing Reserve Bill At The NationalAssembly: Setting The Records Straight

By Uzodinma Nwala ADF President

ADF has copies of the three versions of the Bill, namely -

a. A Bill to Establish National Grazing Route and Reserve Commission for whatever purpose,

b. An Act to Establish Grazing Reserve in each of the States of the Federation for whatever purpose,

<>c.An Act to Establish the National Grazing Route and Reserve Commission,

All of them aim at the same thing. During the last public hearing organised by the House Committee on Agricultural Production and Services, public attention was made to focus on the so-called Incessant Clashed between the Fulani Herdsmen, farmers and host communities.

The tactical goal of the public hearing was to arrive at a conclusion that grazing reserves, grazing route and ranches were the answers to such incessant clashes.

Indeed the Bill had passed the second Reading anf the hearing was to prepare the grounds for the Third and final passage of the Bill in whatever version they call Consolidation of the Bill.

In her Memo presented at the hearing, ADF called for the rejection of all versions of the Bill

This position is being widely circulated among our legislators and to all our people.

There is indeed alot of need for our legislators to work in synergy with ADF for the benefit or our people. We have to keep our our open otherwise we may wake up to find that the Bill has been passed into law, despite all show of concern right from the Presidency to everyone.

Whe ADF learnt that Ohanaeze delegation that went with a Memorandum in whose company was Cheif S. N. Okeke. Igbo 1, Eze Nwosu Ibe and Chief Igariwe, Ohanaeze was not allowed to present the Memo publicly. They were simply asked to submit their Memo to the Office of the Chairman of the Committee. And nobody complained about such slight of Ohanaeze.

Thank God ADF position was quite comprehensive and represents what we know is the popular wish of our people on the Bill.

Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President

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