The End Of The Road For Victor Sabor Tiger Edoror: Good Name Is Better Than Riches

By Marxist Kola
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Precisely on the 4th day of April, 2016, I did convincingly assert that the days of Victor Edoror was numbered as speaker because of the very reckless manner he was leading the house. I also asserted that in other clime where representatives truly represent their people, the removal of Victor Edoror was long over due and ought to have been done. 30-days thereafter that thoughts were confirmed this afternoon the 3rd day of May, 2016.

Let me from the depth of my heart congratulate the new speaker Hon (Mrs) Elizabeth Ativie for the appointment as speaker EDHA and to state very clearly that I recieved the news of the removal of Victor Edoror with joy in my heart if for nothing but for allowing himself to be used and dumped.

Again, whether or not the procedure followed was proper is a case for the court and indeed another kettle of fish as my advice to Victor Edoror is to quietly go home and serve his 3 months suspension and stop ground standing. For me, two third of the total members having signed the impeachment notice is sufficient.

Afterall, Victor Edoror presided over the removal of Osaro Obaze without due process, Victor Edoror also refused to swear in a honourable member for months despite valid court orders amongst other disgusting actions that ve turned Edo people off.

I understand the Edo State Governor have since congratulated the new speaker and pledged to work with her. Nothing is indeed permanent not even the office of the permanent secretary.

Let me be quick to admonish the new speaker, Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Ativie and her co travellers that edo people still do not ve confidence in them until her temporary leadership prove it's mettle.

Also, the new speaker must wrestle with the temptation of being tied to the apron string of the executive for very selfish reasons since information filtering in suggest that the new speaker was appointed for the purpose of presiding over the impeachment of the deputy governor Rt. Hon Pius Odubu who have made headlines in the last few days.

Hon Mrs Elizabeth Ativie, Edo state is relatively peaceful and do not allow yourself to be used and dump no matter the pecuniary interest. Two thing a man will be remembered for: The problems you caused and the once you solved. EDOROR is forever remembered for the once he caused but please let us remember you for the once solved.

The EDHA members must be responsible and concern themselves with people oriented issue instead of fighting for their pockets. The removal of Victor Edoror is good omen but Elizabeth Ativie must learn or go same way like Victor Edoror.

Abraham Oviawe Esq

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