Woman beaten to a pulp by fiance over Tiwa Savage’s marriage crisis

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

The issue of Tiwa and Teebilz marriage saga is getting complicated by the day, as new issues keeps springing up.

A lady recently shared her ordeal over Tiwa savage's marriage saga, which earned her the beating of her life.

It was said that an argument engulfed between this lady and her fiance, after she took sides with Tiwa savage and her fiance took side with Teebilz.

Things got complicated and it resulted to physical violent, as her fiance hit her for supporting Tiwa Savage and accused her of sleeping around also.

This is really the height, who would have thought that the issues of celebrities can affect other people lives.

Read below:

“While I was with my fiance, and was watching Tiwa's interview, he kept insinuating that Tiwa had no right to make the interview. I was telling him that no matter what, Teebillz had no right to go on social media to rant. He then said I sleep around like Tiwa that's why I was supporting her. I had to tell him I wasn't supporting her, I was only weighing what they both said. Then I told him he was hot tempered, and then he said I was comparing him to Teebillz, I told him I wasn't and apologized and said their drama wasn't our business. The next thing when I was going to bed, he brought it up again and slapped my face. He said I said it first tried explaining that wasn't what I meant, he hit me again, took my ear piece and beat me..All this happened around 11:28pm at night. I ran into the other room, he came after me with a broom and started beating me.''