See a Hilarious Throwback Picture of Psquare


Time changes yesterday! When you take a look at some of the throwback pictures of our Nigerian celebrities, you cannot help it but laugh. Psquare duo, Peter and Paul Okoye have one throwback picture that is cracking everyone up.

The twins have become the crush of thousands of ladies all over the world because of how cute they have turned out to be over the years. Most of the fans attribute their change over to money while others said that it was only a phase in life.

A fan said “What Paul is wearing ehhhh will contain like 14 humans then Peter eyes looks like one that just finish drinking some cheap acholo. Ladies dying over them because of their them, take a very good look at them assuming back in the days especially Peter with that kind of a kin kin eyes lol asked you out, would you have agree? And what would have been the reaction?”

The twins who have started separate singing career even though they are still together have agreed on the perfect way to work as a team. Since their last