Lack of friendship destroys marriage- Charly Boy

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Charly Boy is happily married but he is deeply worried at the rate marriages are crumbling these days. The Area Fada who is not scared of saying his mind is very saddened how the marriage institution is going down the drain these days.

He insists that young people are no longer responsible or disciplined enough to stick it out in any given

He said "I fear that in the next five years, marriage as we know it, may become old fashion. Na WA!! A while back, I was talking to one of my sons who at 38 still can't rap his head around the permanence of marriage and this gave me cause for concern when he asked me, "why must marriage be forever or for better for worse, and couldn't it be for maybe a few years as mutually agreed".

Charly Boy added that he may be old school, but he still believes in Family
and Marriage. "I believe that every human being is created to have a desire to be married and some have a desire to be single. But most of us want to be married. So, you CANT have a healthy marriage with unhealthy habits. Mbanu!!! Whether or not a young couple stay together often depends on why they got married in the first place. Take it from me, It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."

He is married to the same person for almost 38 years and their problems have not spread in the public.

He added "It has thought me that marriage is no moimoi, neither is it beans and rice. Both parties must work at it daily and must give all of himself /herself everyday, forever. For me and my wife we are committed to managing each other because the devil we know is better than the Angel to come."