I can’t eat Nigerian jollof rice without fried plantain- Hollywood actor John Boyega

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Hollywood actor John Boyega cannot quench his love for jollof rice and fried plantains. The actor who is from Nigeria has been away from home for a while and one food he was unable to resist when he came home was the Nigerian jollof rice that his mother had asked him to prepare.

Jollof rice has been dabbed the seasoned rice dish from West Africa aka the greatest rice on earth, no wonder, John has caused a Google meltdown because of it. Most of his fans who are not Africans are wondering what type of rice is jollof rice that they had to use Google to check it out.

His mother will always force him to prepare it whenever she lays her eyes on him. “ haven't seen my mum in a week! I walk through the door and the first thing she says is “go and fry plantain”,” Boyega tweeted adding, “Now one does not have a problem with frying the plantain as I can't eat jollof without it but damn ma.”

He later asked his fans in the US “Fried plantain is the best. Do you know they have it in Chinese buffets in the US? They need to do it here.”

When most of them didn't understand what he was talking about, a Nigerian explained “he's talking a type of food Nigerians eat called "jollof rice" . You eat it with fried plantain and chicken;)”