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I have attempted suicide 3 times- Osi Suave

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His real name is Osikhena Dirisu and he has attempted suicide three times. We know him as Beat FM top presenter, Osi Suave! The guy decided to pen a love letter to his future girlfriend that he intends to marry. In the process of writing this soulful letter, he revealed a lot of secrets that we are stunned to hear.

He wrote “My name is Osikhena it was given to me by my maternal grandma. It means only God I fear. I guess I am living up to my name if my stubbornness accounts for anything. I am very strong willed. I always start any venture i embark on except doing dishes.”

He started talking about his many flaws “I have a lot of flaws. I am pretty impatient, I sometimes have fits of anger and i forget a lot. But in the midst of my flaws, I believe I am somewhat still a great guy. I am very emotional even if i try to hide it. I believe i am very funny, I am very creative and I love my job”

This one caught our attention “I have clinical depression, I have attempted suicide 3 times and I am still fighting my demons every day. On some days I'd be very moody and irritable, bear with me as I can't really pin point why my emotions go hay wire.