Miss-K Stumps Into Kampala To Shoot The Launching Of The African Image Creators Fashion Collection

Source: G.G Productions

After few months of silence, Miss-K resurfaces, while escaping away to Africa, after a long 18hrs flight, arriving secretly in Uganda, just few nights ago.

Like His Imperial Holiness, Pope Francis, Woman of Beauty and Steel, Miss-K knelt down to kiss the ground, upon arrival at the airport, on her first visit to Kampala.

The act of kissing the ground of a country one has just set foot upon, whether done by the pope or any other world leader, isn't superstitious. It's merely a way of expressing love and respect for the country and its people.

Ever since Uganda welcomed Afro-Caribbean Artist, brand Ambassador and Humanitarian, Miss-K, has been seen sharing her celebrated style via her social media, showcasing some of her wardrobe sexiest swim-suits, embracing her curves at all the right places, while still keeping it classy, lounging by the pool of the famous 5 Star Commonwealth Hotel Resort, where she presently reside and additionally quietly celebrated her birthday there yesterday,embracing the peaceful scenery of the country also known as the “Pearl of Africa“.

As for the real reason of Miss-K’s trip to Uganda, it is said that the golden girl is due to embark in a series of photo-shoots, starting from tomorrow for the emerging new urban African Image Creators, for which she has been booked to Creatively Direct their Fashion shoot, and also model for the brand at the same time.

She revealed via her social media,how excited she is to be there and can’t wait for the shoot to take place so she can showcase her talent and dispel any thoughts that modelling is an easy endeavor.

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