Demon in human skin- Fan Blast Cynthia Morgan


Not again for Cynthia Morgan! Someone is asking her to repent from her ways. Today, Cynthia decided to give her fans something to talk about as usual and she had shared a clip where every part of her body was exposed partially. A picture that has gotten her fans divided, some drooling for more while others are cursing her.

The Northside Entertainment artiste who goes by new alias Madrina did something similar last year when she had shared some racy pictures “Someone trying to upset Madrina?”. This time she went a little higher, throwing decency to hell fire as she displayed in pink bra with a short-sleeved jacket.

A fan had screamed “SMH. Demons in human skin. Bad example to the society. Well none of my business. Enjoy your life of no morals a suppose icon”

Another said “Cynthia…You really want your fans to feel something…Well, you should have opened all for us to see “ There is hardly a time we don't see her fighting with her fans. She doesn't really care what anyone got to think of how she lives her life and is ready to fight for what she believes. This time, her fans may have gone a little far in their insults.